while youre here


While You're Here

Why does our city bring you back time and time again?



Regardless of who you are, where you are from or what you did, it's always the people in your lives that define moments of a lifetime.






Why Brandon brings you back


The slogan is catchy and undeniable. Interpretations of what "brings you back" can differ for each and every one of us. Those of you who have spent time in Brandon allude to the city's hospitality, grace and cultural diversity that is celebrated and championed by its community members.

It's the uniqueness that Brandon provides - that sense of belonging - that has people returning to the city time and time again. We're not just a blip on the radar in Manitoba; we're the second largest city in the province full of patrons dedicated to the ever-evolving growth such as a burgeoning downtown core, a vibrant and fulfilling east end experience, and a variety of locally-owned shops and restaurants that provide a Brandon-only feel.

Plan your excursion to Brandon - a city on the rise.




In-depth looks at just a few of the notable attractions in our city 


Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum brings you back to the 1940s... Experience Canada's only Air Museum dedicated solely to those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during the 1939-1945 War. This World War II Royal Canadian Air Force training site showcases aircrafts, artifacts, memorabilia and special exhibits.




Lady of the Lake

The shop includes local products, specializing in vintage furniture. The cafe meanwhile, sources local food, as the cooks make all the desserts, dressings & sauces with quality ingredients. We're talking about Lady of the Lake Cafe & Pub located on 17th Street North in Brandon! It's a popular spot for locals, and of course, tourists!




The Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium is western Manitoba’s premier venue for performing arts, community productions, professional entertainers, as well as a variety of different events.

Each year, folks far and wide attend professional ballets, symphony orchestras, classical chamber music performances, professional musicians and comedians, community and high school theatre productions, several cultural festivals, guest lectures, and conferences. Brandon brings you back.




Daly House Museum

Enjoy a guided tour through the municipal heritage site and original home of Brandon’s first Mayor, Thomas Mayne Daly. This upper middle-class home displays furnishings from the 1880’s to the 1890’s. The museum also contains a turn of the century grocery store and the Magnacca Research Centre. While visiting the museum enjoy a stroll through our beautiful Victorian Garden. This elegant green space is available for weddings and other events.